PHA Platinum
You Take Care of Business….
We’ll Take Care of You.
You Take Care of Business….
We’ll Take Care of You.

PHA Platinum
Concierge Medical Advocacy

PHA Platinum
Concierge Medical Advocacy

Wouldn’t it be comforting to know that an experienced physician was at your service 24 hours a day to make sure your healthcare needs are met?
The PHA Platinum program offers a concierge level medical advocacy program that offers truly unparalleled advocacy and access, tailored to individual needs. PHA’s wide range of services and resources take away the confusion and worry, leaving you with improved quality of care and peace of mind.

Being a member of PHA Platinum is like having your own personal healthcare guide to help you navigate all the intricacies.

Got questions? We have answers. Need help coordinating your medical procedures, appointments and specialists? We’ve got that covered, too. Need a second opinion or an expedited appointment? We refer and coordinate.
PHA Platinum

PHA Platinum Services Offered

Expert medical guidance

Guidance and education for all medical issues

Complex medical issue management

Coordination and management of multiple and / or complex medical issues

Medical records review and summary

Collection of all medical records, in-depth review of records and detailed summary created of all medical records

Unlimited cell phone access to physician advocate

24 / 7 cell phone access to physician advocate

Liaison between client and all physicians / specialists

Communication and coordination with all medical professionals involved

Medication review

Deep dive review of all medications and possible side effects and / or interactions

Medical education

Intensive research on the medical conditions, diagnoses, potential treatments and options

Assistance with interpreting test results

Review and understandable explanation of results

Diagnosis management

Management of chronic or acute medical conditions

Expedited appointments

Resources and expertise available to obtain timely appointments

Facilitated referrals and second opinions

Expansive network of medical professionals for referrals and second opinions

Interpreting “Doctor speak”

Understandable explanation of the complicated information provided by physicians

Medical management of aging parents

Management of medical issues related to aging family members

Medical management of childhood illnesses

Management and coordination (with parents) of medical issues of children

Out of town and emergency medical advocacy *

Medical advocacy that is required for emergency situations or where travel is required

* Additional charges may apply

I am so fortunate to have you in my corner.

During an event I never thought I would be thrust in the middle of, you were there to hold my hand so I didn’t feel so alone. Before I ever had an opportunity to unravel and let despair seep into my mind, you were there to steer me back on course and understand how winnable this fight is. Rather than trying to figure out on my own how to assemble a cardiac team, you were there to assemble the most aggressive, professional, specialized team to care for my unique situation. And when I have questions, no matter how basic or far- fetched, you are always there to explain and bring comfort to me. I am so fortunate to have you in my corner. If anyone else finds themselves in need of these professional qualities, they’d be misguided to go anywhere else.

– PHA Client

PHA: It’s Like Having A Doctor In The Family ®

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